Solar Powered Garden Lights – Basic Things You Need to Know

Solar Powered Garden Lights - Basic Things You Need to Know

Solar powered garden lights are completely powered by the sun’s energy. These solar powered lights in your garden can be easily placed or distributed in your garden without worrying about electrical connections, wiring or cable placements. They are also safe because the risk of electric shocks is eliminated. So they are safe to use in a home with children. These types of lighting have no or little emission of pollutants and they use only renewable energy.


A notable problem about solar garden lights is that they only have enough power to eliminate certain areas and there are some with relatively modest battery capacity. The technology of solar cells, however, are constantly improving. So there will still be newer generation of these lighting systems that can light up your garden or yard all through the night.


The quality of solar garden lights improves as their cost increases. This is true with most other things anyway so if you want a top of the line outdoor lighting system, be prepared to spend more. The amount you will be coughing out will still be relatively lesser than what you will be spending on electric powered systems anyway.

The advantages of using solar powered garden lights

  • They are environment friendly
  • No need for electrical wiring components compared to using conventional lighting fixtures
  • There is lesser risk of electric shocks as compared to conventional fixtures
  • Since solar garden lights use renewable energy, the scope of utilization is huge
  • Emit lesser amounts of pollutants
  • Easy to place, are flexible and can easily be readjusted in case you need to change your landscape design.
  • Cost less than conventional lighting.
  • Beautify your garden with the soft diffused glow they emit

The disadvantages of using solar powered garden lights

  • Battery capacity is low which limits the fixtures’ capability
  • The availability of these fixtures in the market is slightly lower than that of conventional sources of outdoor illumination
  • A lot of people think that these sun powered fixtures are a hassle to use which limits their promotion

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Final Words

The cons of using solar powered garden lights are overshadowed by the pros. These days, a lot of people are looking for ways to save and utilizing sun powered lighting fixtures either for indoor or outdoor use can help save a lot in terms of utility payments.

The sun is the basic source of energy on earth so taking advantage of this by using solar garden lights is not only a smart move but also an environmentally friendly one.

Solar Lighting Guru
Solar Lighting Guru
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