Solar Patio Lights – Know the Different Types for Your Yard

Solar Patio Lights

Solar patio lights are a very modern and convenient innovation that can let people transform their yards into a well-lit paradise without the hassles of wirings and electrical work. These solar lights come in different types including path, spot and string lights. Because of the assorted choices you have, there is no limitation on how you can transform your yard.

The Different Types of Solar Patio Lights

Path Lights

Choosing Solar Powered Path LightsAmong the most sought after solar patio lights are those that are used to illuminate walkways and paths. These come in different styles from modern to rustic and can really provide a dramatic effect on your patio décor. Path lights are easy on the eyes especially at night when they glow. They can be placed artistically along walkways through a garden or up to a patio. The light these lighting fixtures emit let people see where they are going so as to avoid tripping. They should be strategically placed for them to get full benefit of the sun’s solar energy.

Flood and Spot Lighting

Solar Powered Spot LightsThere are areas outside your home that needs functional lighting like the patio and pool sides. Solar patio lights have these covered as there are flood and spot lightings that can give off ample light. These are not as powerful as wired units however they do provide enough lighting to see. Spot lights are intended to illuminate a certain area and provides limited lighting and can be used to accentuate some structures like pillars, palm tree trunks and fountains.

Flood lights are solar patio lights that offer wider lighting angles as they ‘flood’ an area with illumination. This fixture can be mounted on walls and turned to focus on the area you wish to illuminate.

String Lights

Solar Powered String LightsSolar patio lights are not limited only to the ground. I you want to have that really surreal effect, there are string lights which are very much like Christmas lights because they come with multiple light bulbs on a powered string. You can hang string lights on a patio awning using hooks, nails or Velcro straps. The end of the string has a solar panel that absorbs the sun’s energy.

Floating Solar Patio Lights

These are waterproof and can be placed in ponds and pools. There are even designs that can be placed in fountains where they bob and float around resulting to an impressive display.

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Final Words

There are other types of sun powered lighting fixtures and mounts that one can use to decorate a yard like wind chimes, lanterns, color changing lights and whimsical lightings. Take your time to learn about all your options for you to choose the right solar patio lights for you.

Solar Lighting Guru
Solar Lighting Guru
Hi there, my name is Stuart and I am the founder of the Solar Lighting Center. Having spent a lot of time researching before purchasing my own solar powered light, I now make solar powered lighting reviews and guides to help other benefit from the power of the sun.

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