Lighting Effects of Different Solar Lighting Styles

Lighting Effects of Different Solar Lighting Styles

Solar landscape lights are available in numerous styles from spot lights to tier lights to inset lights and each style offers a different lighting effect.  When choosing solar lighting to enhance your garden or yard, pay attention not only to the overall look of the solar light itself, but to the how it casts light on the surrounding areas. Some solar lighting styles produce a bright, focused light while others are more muted and subtle.

The main styles Of Solar Lights

Tier lights

Light is directed downward towards the ground or shrubs. The tiers shade the lights to minimize upward glare so they are ideal for lighting walkways and paths. They cast light on the ground so people can see where they are going without being blinded by the light.


Light is covers a wide area rather than being focus. These lights should be bright so they illuminate a broad area and are a good choice for eliminating dark areas around windows and doors. Because these lights can be intense, you may want to look for motion activated lights so they only come on when needed.


Light is focused and can be directed at specific areas or items in your yard or garden. Generally, you can control the angle that the spotlight focuses the lights to illuminate statues and garden art or to highlight landscaping fences and architectural surfaces.

Well lights

Light is cast upwards and out to highlight a garden structure or wall. These lights are generally not as focused or bright as spotlights.

Low fixtures

Lights that have low fixtures usually contain in a smaller radius. They can be useful for lining landscape borders and driveways to highlight these areas without cast the light outward.

Tall fixtures

Lights with tall fixtures spread light over larger areas to illuminate more than just the edge where they are placed. These can be used to add light to walkways, patios, and gardens.

Final Words

The variety of available solar powered landscape lighting styles makes it easy to create the specific look you want for your yard or garden. By controlling the way that is cast, you can create dramatic looks and increase the safety of the area. Before you go shopping for solar powered lights, determine what effect you what to achieve and then look for lights that have a suitable style to achieve that effect.

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