Best Solar Powered Deck Lights – Enjoy Backyard Parties

Solar Powered Deck Lights

Enjoy Backyard Parties with Solar Powered Deck Lights

You spend all winter staring at the snow in your backyard, waiting for it to melt so that you can enjoy having extra outdoor living space. Once the weather warms up, it’s time to decorate your back deck with solar powered deck lights so you can have all kinds of fun on your deck all summer long. You can have barbecues, outdoor entertaining, friends around the fire pit, grilling, and intimate dinners as well.

Solar powered lights could not be easier to set up. Simply take them out of the box and set them on your deck where you want them. The natural summer sunlight takes care of the rest. The energy from the sun is stored in a built-in battery as part of the light, so the light runs off the battery all night. Most solar deck lights come with LED bulbs, which last a long time and don’t need to be replaced for many years. Some also come with motion sensors, so they only turn on when someone is nearby. These lights provide a great atmosphere for warm-weather backyard fun.

Top 3 Solar Powered Deck Lights (Recessed)

ProductCustomer RatingPrice
GreenLighting Solar LED In Ground Recessed Lights (Stainless Steel, 8 Pack)2.0/5.0Check Price
Lightess Solar LED Recessed Ground Deck Dock Patio Light for Outdoor Garden Decoration3.6/5.0Check Price
Solar White LED Round Recessed Deck Dock Patio Light2.6/5.0Solar White LED Round Recessed Deck Dock Patio Light

Solar-powered deck lights not only provide ambiance, they can also be used for safety. You put them on the deck stairs and in deck corners, so you, family members, friends, guests, kids, and pets can see clearer at night. They can even prevent some home accidents from happening. Every deck can be made a safer, more well-lit place with solar-powered deck lights.

Solar Powered Floodlights for Down-lighting Stairs

Down-lighting involves placing bright, focused lights, such as flood lights, above the steps in a fixture hidden in a tree or roof. You can also mount these lights on a pole near the stairs, on the stair railing, or even on a nearby wall as long as the lights are focused on the stairs. The higher the lights are from the stairs, the more steps that will be illuminated with each light, but light will also be softer and may require brighter lights to provide enough illumination. If your stairs are shaded much of the day, down-lighting also has the benefit of allowing you to place the lights in a location that receives more sunlight than the stairs and then aiming the lights towards the steps.

Top 5 Solar Deck Lights for Deck Steps

Adding solar powered lights to deck steps or other outdoor stairs can be an important safety feature for your home. Of course, to use solar powered lights, the lights must receive enough light during the day to recharge and they must be bright enough to eliminate the shadows on the stairs so people can see clearly while navigating the steps. The two main ways to illuminate outdoor stairs are down-lighting and step lights.

ProductCustomer RatingPrice
Solar Deck Lights, iThird 3 LED Solar Powered Step Lights Stainless Steel Outdoor Lighting for Steps Paths Patio Stair Auto On/Off Waterproof 4 Pack4.6/5.0Check Price
 [Newest Version] GMFive 6Pack Upgrade 3 LED Solar Powered Stainless Steel Staircase Step White Light Stairways Path Landscape Garden Floor Wall Patio Lamp 4.2/5.0 Check Price
  [Warm Light] Solar Lights for steps decks pathway yard stairs fences, LED lamp, outdoor waterproof, 6 Pack4.0/5.0 Check Price
 ELECCTV 6 Pack Solar Step Lights 3 LED Solar Powered Stair Lights Outdoor Lighting for Steps Paths Patio Decks Waterproof4.6/5.0Check Price
 HOSL 4 Pack Upgrated Solar Powered Stainless Steel Staircase LED Solar Step Lights, Solar Dock Light4.8/5.0 Check Price

Solar Powered Step Lights Provide Subtle, Focused Light

Step lights are recessed light fixtures that are installed into the sidewalls of your steps. With solar step lights, the solar panels may be exposed through the top of the steps so they can receive enough sunlight to recharge during the day. They also work best when the steps, and the solar panels, are in direct sunlight for a good part of the day.

Step lights require more work to install, but they are less noticeable and create a more subtle light directly on the steps. If your steps are fairly wide, avoid installing step lights at opposite ends where they might leave dark areas at the center of the steps. Also avoid installing step lights too close together or they combined light may be too bright and distracting. Depending on the height and angle of your stairs, you may also want to look for lights that have a shield so people at the bottom of the steps aren’t blinded when they look up towards the top of the stairs.


Whether you choose down-lighting or step lights, Solar Powered Deck Lights are a more environmentally friendly option that is cost efficient and easy to use. Solar powered lights often include photo-sensors that automatically turn on the lights when the amount of light drops below as certain level so your stairs are always illuminated and safe to navigate at night.

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