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Solar Powered Lighting

Solar-powered lighting is the ability to capture and harness the sun’s natural energy by means of a solar panel. That energy is then stored in a battery and used by the light bulb it’s connected to. Instead of using electricity to charge a battery, you’re using solar power instead.

The benefits of solar power are numerous. For one, it’s free! The sun sends about 1,000 watts per square meter of power to Earth every single day. That’s more than sixteen 60 watt bulbs. No wonder you feel so hot in the summer. You don’t have to pay anything for that high wattage, either. So, say goodbye to electric bills; it’s a continual source of completely renewable energy.

When positioned to capture the maximum amount of sun rays, solar powered lighting is excellent for outdoor lights. Since they don’t need to be professionally installed by an electrician, these lights are easy and fast to mount. These are the perfect lights for apartment dwellers and anyone renting a home who doesn’t want to or can’t drill holes in walls and rewire a living space. Solar-powered lighting usually comes with its own mounting hardware and is no more difficult than putting up a picture frame.
Numerous manufacturers are offering solar-powered lighting in all kinds of styles and colors to suit your décor. These lights are durable, weather resistant, and built to last.

Enjoy backyard parties with solar deck lights

You spend all winter staring at the snow in your backyard, waiting for it to melt so that you can enjoy having extra outdoor living space. Once the weather warms up, it’s time to decorate your back deck with festive lights so you can have all kinds of fun on your deck all summer long. You can have barbecues, outdoor entertaining, friends around the fire pit, grilling, and intimate dinners as well.

Solar-powered deck lights could not be easier to set up. Simply take them out of the box and set them on your deck where you want them. The natural summer sunlight takes care of the rest. The energy from the sun is stored in a built-in battery as part of the light, so the light runs off the battery all night. Most solar deck lights come with LED bulbs, which last a long time and don’t need to be replaced for many years. Some also come with motion sensors, so they only turn on when someone is nearby. These lights provide a great atmosphere for warm-weather backyard fun.

Solar-powered deck lights not only provide ambiance, they can also be used for safety. You put them on the deck stairs and in deck corners, so you, family members, friends, guests, kids, and pets can see clearer at night. They can even prevent some home accidents from happening. Every deck can be made a safer, more well-lit place with solar-powered deck lights.

Don’t be on the fence about fence post lights

You’ve put up a fence on your property to provide privacy and a boundary between you and your neighbour. Just like with deck lighting, you want to add extra ambiance to your backyard and have a well-lit fence. Solar powered fence post lights come in a variety of decoration styles that can coordinate beautifully with either a natural-stained wooden fence or one that’s been painted. They also come in different sizes. The larger the light, the more glow it will give off. Some are designed for more ambient lighting, and others are designed to give off a brighter illumination.

Fence post lights come in a package of 4, 6, or 8. They are lit with long-lasting LED bulbs that are safe to the touch. You don’t have to worry about friends or family members burning their fingers if they accidentally touch one of the lights. So, they’re safe for even the smallest kids. They come with rechargeable batteries that collect sunlight throughout the day and, depending on the model you choose, provide between 6 and 15 hours of lighting. As with all solar-powered lights, they come with their own built-in solar panel.
The great thing about solar fence lights is that there are no electric wires connecting them, so you can place them along the fence however you like. This also gives you complete personalization as to how you want to decorate with them.

Most of these fence post lights also come with their own mounting hardware that’s easy to install with the included mounts and screws. You can put them near the top of a fence post, in the middle, or near the bottom, depending on your space. They do light up the night!

Brighten up with flood lights

Shine a spotlight on any area of your property by using a solar-powered flood light. Multiple high luminescent LED bulbs create wider angles to show more area and provide more coverage for luminosity. Depending on the bulb strength, you can have more than 500 lumens of bright, extra light. This makes the whole flood light very efficient.

Solar flood lights are also excellent for business and corporate settings. You can increase safety and security for everyone using the building by installing one of these flood lights near a door. You can also illuminate a business sign at night, since these lights are designed to be some of the brightest solar powered lights available on the market.

Each solar-powered flood light is manufactured differently, but many of them come with multiple lighting modes to set. You can have a full-on mode that is at the brightest setting—that’s great for your front door, back door, or on the garage in front of the driveway. You can turn it to the reduced light mode, which is better for back yards and outdoor patios or decks.

Also, these flood lights come with a motion-detector mode, which is ideal for safety and privacy. You can mount several on your property to deter intruders and protect yourself and family members. You want to choose a flood light that can detect motion from at least 25’ away or more.

Since there’s no wires with a solar-powered light, you don’t need to hire an electrician or bother trying to figure out how to rewire your garage or house to mount this flood light. You can take this flood light out of the box, choose where you’d like to mount it, and then follow the instructions to install it. The power of natural sunlight does all the hard work for you. The only thing you do need to keep in mind with installation, is to put it in a location which receives the maximum amount of sunlight, even when it’s weaker in the winter. You want to mount it at least 5 1/2’ high to get the maximum amount of light coverage.

Solar flood lights come in different sizes and shapes, but they do provide excellent security and protection for your home.

Garden lights show off your flowers

In the daytime, your garden is so pretty with its multiple colored flowers, vegetables, and plants. It provides plenty of decoration to your back yard. You can continue that lovely display at night by putting solar powered garden lights amongst the flowers. They are available in different styles; for example, you can find colorful shaped lights, stake pathway or landscape lights, and glass ball-shaped lights. Many of these lights change colors to provide entertainment and a fun visual display.

Shaped garden lights add bright LED color to the garden. They usually come in butterfly or bird shapes and are attached to a stake that is fitted into the ground. They stand about two 2-3’ tall, so they can be placed among short or medium-tall plants.

Rechargeable batteries keep the solar energy all day for maximum glow at night. Some can have up to 7 different color choices; LED bulbs change color automatically.

Garden stake lights are excellent for providing well-lit pathways in your back yard. They are weather resistant, so you can leave them up during wet weather or even in the winter, with snow, frost, and sleet. The solar cells capture as much sunlight as possible to remain lit all night for many years to come. You can find these stake solar powered lights in neutral LED white or multiple colors.

Some garden lights come in a glass ball shape. They can also be positioned on a stake, or just be similar to a gazing ball that sits on the ground in your garden. They are decorated with colorful mosaics of glass that also can change color, depending on the model you choose. You can find smaller ones or a bigger size. Your flower beds will really be lit up with these solar-powered garden lights.

Solar powered gazebo lights

Showcase the centerpiece of the back yard, your gazebo, with solar-powered gazebo lights. A gazebo acts as a tented pavilion in your yard. It provides shade and a cooler outdoor “room” for you, family, and friends to enjoy all summer long.

Before solar powered lights, however, figuring out a way to electrically wire a gazebo was time-consuming, expensive, and challenging. You probably would have run an extension cord or even had to hire an electrician for professional installation. Not anymore!

With solar gazebo lights, the setup and installation couldn’t be easier. Most of them come in a hanging chandelier or pendant shape. You simply attach it to the center of the gazebo and make sure the solar panels are in direct sunlight. The hot sunlight you’re trying to avoid by using a gazebo will actually help the solar powered lights!

Gazebo pendant solar lights come in different styles to coordinate with both the gazebo itself and your outdoor seating arrangement. Many of them look like classic lanterns. They have glass panes to protect the bulbs and produce a “crackled” or other type of effect to diffuse the light and not make it so harsh.

Since these solar lights are protected by the gazebo, they’ll last a lot longer than other solar outdoor lights that are exposed to the wind and rain. This makes them a much better investment than electric lights. Water and electrical cords don’t mix! Gazebo lights are durable; they are an outdoor item and most are made of strong metal, not plastic.

Within the gazebo light, the LED bulbs are constructed to look and shine similarly to regular incandescent bulbs. They are built for years of use, and the lithium batteries keep the solar energy stored, so that they shine for many hours at night. As with all solar-powered lights, the more sunlight they receive, the more hours of light you’ll get at night. Most gazebo lights come with a dusk-to-dawn sensor, so that as soon as it gets dark, the lights automatically come on.

After you receive your gazebo solar light, you can take it out of the box, quickly assemble it, and install it within a short period of time. Then, you can start enjoying it the very next night after a full days’ worth of sunlight charging. Can you say the same for electric lights?

Solar powered lamppost lights

Back in the 1800s, if you wanted a lamppost on your property, you were either using a real live flame or gas-light. Neither of those were safe or clean options. But the allure of a nice tall lamppost remains; they are an attractive source of outdoor lighting.
Lightning technology has come a long way over the past 100 years. Now, you can have a solar-powered lamppost set up easily along your driveway or in your back yard. It will shine bright for years to come with virtually no maintenance work on your part. The sun fuels the battery, and the battery provides the energy to light the lamppost. Many of these modern solar lampposts are designed to look like traditional street lights, so they have that old-fashioned charm.

Solar-powered lampposts are designed to be outdoors for months at a time, so they are durable for every type of weather. Many of them are made from cast aluminum that is resistant to rust. They either have a firm, weighted base or come in a stake style that is implanted in the ground. Either way, they’re very simple to set up and can start charging almost immediately.

The solar panels on these lampposts should be positioned in direct sunlight to get the maximum exposure and energy absorption. They turn on automatically at dusk, with their included dusk-to-dawn sensor, so you don’t need to remember to power them on or off. The LED bulbs give off a nice high wattage that provides great light coverage, just like a regular incandescent bulb.

These solar-powered lampposts are also great for business and corporate locations. They easily light up parking lots, signs, sidewalks, and pathways. This increases safety and security for everyone who comes to the building. As a bonus, since these lights are solar, they don’t add any additional electrical costs to your business expenses. Proper lighting in parking lots is a must, so make an investment in these solar lampposts.

Solar-powered lampposts come in different sizes. You can get shorter ones for a garden, or the regular tall ones that are around 6’ in height. They really add a special touch to your property.

Shine bright with landscaping lights

With their focused bright spotlights and rechargeable panels, solar-powered landscaping lights are very easy to install with no tools needed. You simply take them out of the box and place them where you’d like them on your property. These lights can go on outdoor walls or in the ground. Put them in a location where they will get the greatest amount of sunlight possible. They usually have adjustable solar panels, which can be tilted and angled to receive the sun. The lights themselves can also be positioned to illuminate the perfect location.

For those solar-powered landscaping lights that use four bright LED bulbs, with about 50 lumens in each bulb, they take about 4 to 5 hours to charge, and you will get 6 to 9 hours of light after they’re fully charged. They also come with sensors to automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at sunrise. Many of them feature multiple modes as well, so you can have a high degree of brightness or a lower one.

Since solar landscaping lights are made for the outdoors, they are waterproof and won’t short out in bad weather like wind or rain. They don’t require an electric cable, either, so they don’t contribute to your energy bills.

You can use these landscaping uplights in many places on your property—to light your driveway, a walkway, your deck, your garden, a tree, or the front of your house. They’re great for outdoor restaurants and cafés to add ambiance, or for business settings that need bright light on sidewalks. Use them to light up parties and signs. They are wonderful for memorials, statues, and to showcase a flagpole as well. You’ll find more and more uses for these landscaping solar lights!

Solar-powered LED lights

LED (light emitting diode) light bulbs are different from regular incandescent bulbs or even the popular curly CFL bulbs. These bulbs produce visible light when an electrical current passes through the built-in semiconductor. They’re more energy efficient, durable, versatile, and longer lasting than the other types. Also, if you touch an LED bulb, it doesn’t get as hot as an incandescent bulb. This makes it much safer, especially for children.

One big difference between LED bulbs and incandescent bulbs, is that LED lights emit their light in one specific direction, like a spotlight. Multiple LED bulbs are grouped together and engineered in shapes to mimic the all-around lighting of other bulbs.
You probably already have LED lights in your life. They are used in car headlights and tail lights, and the lights on electronics, like the power button on your computer or TV. Since they’re colorful and long lasting, they’ve become more and more popular. LED bulbs can also assume many different shapes and sizes, so they can be as small as a single book reading clip lamp or nice and big, like in an outdoor flood light.

Solar-powered LED lights come in a wide variety of colors, types, and styles to fit any outdoor arrangement you have. The most common colors are red, green, blue, white, and a soft amber yellow. You could have solar LED string lights, flood lights, garden lights, landscaping lights, lamp post lights, or even gazebo lights.

The amount of light you get from an LED solar bulb is directly proportional to how much sunlight the solar panel can capture. If left exposed for at least five hours in direct sunlight, the average LED bulb can give you about 6-9 hours of light. This is why, when installing LED lights outdoors on your property, you want to position them in the ideal location to receive the maximum amount of sunlight available. That way, the battery can capture a lot of sunlight, and the LED bulb will shine for many hours.

Solar-powered LED bulbs are a great leap forward in lighting technology. They don’t need to be plugged in or use electricity, they’re easy to install, and they’re not costly. You’ll also save money on your electric bills by having outdoor lighting that uses free solar power. Take a look at some of the LED bulb solar outdoor lighting options for your home.

Illuminate your space with outdoor lights

Solar-powered lighting options have really grown in the past few years, so now, you can find hundreds of different outdoor lights for your porch, deck, yard, lawn, fence, patio, gazebo, or garden. Whatever your decorating style, you’re sure to find beautiful lights that not only accent your property, they enhance it. You can truly stand out at night with these solar lights. Let’s take a look at just some of your choices.

Pathway or garden lights provide clear illumination along paths, flower beds, walkways, and your driveway. They come with stakes that easily fit into the ground.

Hanging lights can be strung along tree branches, fences, a gazebo, a trellis, or a pergola. They come in all sorts of colors and styles to create an outdoor café at night look. Solar powered outdoor Christmas lights make decorating beautiful and easy, even in chilly December. Hanging solar lanterns can also add a festive atmosphere to your home. Some of them also function as wind chimes, swaying in the breeze.

Solar deck lights, porch lights, and fence post lights not only provide plenty of brightness for night-time enjoyment, they also increase safety. You can install flood lights as well on a garage, shed, or by a back door to shine a spotlight on intruders
Solar lights also come in many different shapes and bright colors. Many of them have different brightness modes and color changing options. Glass ball garden lights add color to your flower beds.

Landscaping solar lights are ideal for spotlighting a single area you want to highlight, such as a tree, flagpole, statue, or memorial. They are especially helpful in real estate, to showcase a property. Solar lampposts are much easier to install than an electric lamppost, and they give off a beautiful glow.

Have you considered solar outdoor lighting for your business, company, or restaurant? They don’t add one penny to your electric bill, many of them automatically turn on at dusk, and they provide a welcome, inviting atmosphere for everyone who comes to the building.

Outdoor solar lights collect all of the energy they need from sunlight, so make sure they’re positioned to receive the maximum exposure. Sunlight energy is collected in a battery and stored. Then, the LED bulbs draw from that battery power and shine for many hours.

Solar outdoor lights are durable and weather resistant, simple to install, don’t require any electricity, and the bulbs are not hot to the touch. You’ll enjoy your outdoor lights for years to come.

If you need to be convinced any more, read our article about the advantages of outdoor solar powered lights.

Solar Powered Path lights

With metal stakes that come in stainless steel, black, or rubbed bronze, solar-powered path lights illuminate any outdoor space on your property. They’re between 16” and 20” tall, and have warm white LED bulbs which come in different lumen brightness sizes. The more lumens (30 or higher), the brighter the path light will be. The metal stakes and tops of the lights are durable to withstand windy or rainy conditions. You might even be able to have them out in the winter as well.

Installation couldn’t be easier. You simply take them out of the box, push the stake into soft ground, and give the lights one full day in direct sunlight to charge. The sunlight is collected in the included battery, which then powers the LED bulbs. You won’t pay anything for either the electric installing or drawing electricity from your house or garage. Solar powered path lights will give you about 6 to 8 hours of wonderful light each night.

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Solar Powered Post lights

Ultra-bright LED bulbs that last for many thousands of hours make solar powered fence post lights a great option for your fence. You simply place them on top of the fence posts, just like a regular fence post cap, and wait for them to charge fully in the sunlight. For a full 8-10 hours of sunlight charging, they’ll shine for at least 6-10 hours each night. You get as much light as you want, and they aren’t electrically wired, so you won’t see an increase in your energy bill.

One tip is to carefully measure your fence posts to make sure these lights will fit. Solar fence post lights are weather proof, so they won’t short out in the rain or windy conditions. They come in different styles and colors, like copper or bronze or black, to blend in seamlessly with your fence style. You’ll enjoy these solar powered fence post lights in your outdoor living space for many years.

Feel Safe with Solar Powered Security Lights

Protect yourself, family members, and guests at your home with the array of solar-powered flood lights and security lights. The quality you want most in a security light is brightness, and these solar-powered lights certainly deliver on that. They feature grouped clusters of LED bulbs to create plenty of lumens (50 lumens or more), that shine an immediate spotlight wherever you want them.

Solar powered security lights are simple to install, so you can have them up and charging to prepare for tonight’s use. They don’t require any electrical setup, come with mounting hardware, and provide excellent lighting coverage.

Most solar-powered security lights come with motion sensors, to detect any intruders from 25 feet away or more. They also automatically come on at dusk and provide at least 6-8 hours of bright, illuminating light. Be sure to place your solar powered security lights in a location where they’ll receive the maximum amount of sunlight.

Stage it with solar spotlights

Spotlights aren’t just for the stage anymore. You can shine a bright light on any part of your property by using solar powered spot lights. They can work to “uplight” or “lowlight” anything you’d like to highlight. Many solar spot light options come with color changes, so you can shine red, blue, amber, or bright white.

Your solar spot lights are easy to position as well. Simply place the stake in the ground, with the solar panel positioned towards the sun for maximum exposure. They’ll charge all day in the sun and shine a bright spot light all night. They come with LED bulbs and rechargeable batteries that capture and store the sun’s energy. Best of all, you can have as many as you want, with no additional energy costs to your bill. Stage anything you’d like with solar powered spot lights.

Light up your holidays with solar powered Christmas lights

One of the annual traditions at the holidays is to get the Christmas lights out of storage and begin untangling them, so you can put them on your tree. Whether you like multi-colored, white, or blue, these familiar lights on their long green strands are an essential part of Christmas.

When it comes time to decorate outdoors, however, you can try capturing what little light is available in December by hanging up solar-powered Christmas lights. Solar string lights take advantage of the low-hanging sunlight and will save on your holiday electric bills, too. They also come in the same variety of color choices like regular Christmas lights.

When you buy a set of these solar powered Christmas lights, it comes with its own solar panel that you stake in the ground where it will capture the maximum amount of sunlight. Then, just hang up the lights. A full 8-hour charge during the day should give you at least 8 hours of light at night.